Edisoft – Electronic data interchange operator and system integration services provider

Company profile

Edisoft is an electronic data interchange (EDI) operator and system integration services provider. With more than 2,500 companies using our services in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and many other countries, and more than 24 million electronic commercial documents being transferred through the Edisoft system per year, we are the largest EDI network in the Baltic states.

Edisoft’s services are used by many different types of industries, such as retail, food, clothing, cosmetics, building materials stores, restaurants, cafes, and their suppliers. Logistics service providers, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions also participate in the exchange of electronic documents and use our services.

A brief history

Edisoft was founded in Estonia in 1999, and one of its first major projects was assisting the Estonian Customs Department with the client modules of the automated electronic declaration system ASYCUDA (Automated Systems for Customs Data).

In 2005, the EDI technological platform was introduced, and that was when Edisoft began active development in this market, eventually leading to offices in Lithuania and Latvia being opened in 2008. It took just a few years for the number of customers in the Baltic countries to reach 1000, and ever since then, the company has grown significantly and continues to expand its operations in other European countries.

Some of our clients