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Connect to our EDI network and exchange electronic documents with your business partners in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and other countries.

Our network

We work with companies all over Europe, but our home market is Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Edisoft is the largest EDI operator in the Baltic States, serving more than 2500 companies in various sectors. We work with major retail chains and their suppliers, cafes, restaurants, logistics service providers, manufacturing and industrial companies, financial service providers and other businesses. We know our regional market well and have established close relationships with local technology partners.

If you do business with companies in the Baltic region and want to automate the exchange of commercial documents, contact us and we will help you with that.

When implementing an EDI project, we can sign a service agreement and integrate with your accounting software or connect with your EDI service provider. In the list below, you can see the main EDI partners with whom we already have connections.

Edisoft international partners

Client testimonials

“The biggest benefit of EDI services is that we avoid a lot of manual work. In the past, four order reception operators used to take orders, now everything is done automatically via the EDI platform. With the help of EDI and our IT systems, we constantly strive to make company processes more efficient. We appreciate the quality of Edisoft’s services and the fact that we receive a full range of electronic document exchange solutions from a single provider.”

Donatas Nemura, Head of the IT department, Fazer Lietuva UAB

“We work with Edisoft in all three Baltic countries. The EDI service makes it easier for our customers to place orders and avoid errors. This is beneficial to both parties as documents travel quickly and without human intervention. We appreciate the quality, flexibility, and promptness of Edisoft services in responding to our needs.”

Diana Juškienė, Business solutions and systems expert, Coca-Cola HBC Lietuva UAB

“Edisoft solutions really help to optimise our work. Normally we receive orders in PDF files, and it takes a lot of time to transfer them into the system. Edisoft’s services allow you to save a lot of time and avoid errors when entering product codes manually. We work in all three Baltic countries, and we expect that more and more of our customers will connect to EDI.”

Kristina Lingytė, Customer service specialist, Tesa tape UAB

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