PEPPOL integration

Connect to the PEPPOL network and start exchanging documents with your business partners.

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL is a secure international network dedicated to digitising public procurement. Purchasing organisations and their suppliers can connect to this network and exchange electronic documents such as orders, order confirmations, invoices, shipping notices, etc. PEPPOL began as a European initiative, but recently, the adoption of the network has begun to expand, and now companies from all over the world are joining the network and are starting to exchange electronic documents with each other.

How the service works

The service allows you to send and receive electronic documents from your business partners through the PEPPOL network.

The most convenient way to use the service is to integrate the Edisoft platform with the software you use. In this way, you will be able to send and receive electronic documents in an environment that’s familiar to you. The Edisoft platform can be integrated with any accounting, warehouse, or enterprise resource planning software, and a dedicated Edisoft consultant will guide you in the process of implementation. Once the service is launched, you will be able to use our 24/7 support.

The service price consists of two parts: a one-time connection & integration fee and a monthly fee for the documents transferred. Please note, the connection & integration fee depends on the complexity of the work required.

If you are interested in our service, please contact us for a consultation.

Benefits of the service

A quick and easy connection to the PEPPOL network.

Integration with any software (even if it is custom-made).

A dedicated consultant who will guide you through the process of implementation.

High-quality service with 24/7 support.

Client testimonials

“The biggest benefit of EDI services is that we avoid a lot of manual work. In the past, four order reception operators used to take orders, now everything is done automatically via the EDI platform. With the help of EDI and our IT systems, we constantly strive to make company processes more efficient. We appreciate the quality of Edisoft’s services and the fact that we receive a full range of electronic document exchange solutions from a single provider.”

Donatas Nemura, Head of the IT department, Fazer Lietuva UAB

“Edisoft solutions really help to optimise our work. Normally we receive orders in PDF files, and it takes a lot of time to transfer them into the system. Edisoft’s services allow you to save a lot of time and avoid errors when entering product codes manually. We work in all three Baltic countries, and we expect that more and more of our customers will connect to EDI.”

Kristina Lingytė, Customer service specialist, Tesa tape UAB

“We work with Edisoft in all three Baltic countries. The EDI service makes it easier for our customers to place orders and avoid errors. This is beneficial to both parties as documents travel quickly and without human intervention. We appreciate the quality, flexibility, and promptness of Edisoft services in responding to our needs.”

Diana Juškienė, Business solutions and systems expert, Coca-Cola HBC Lietuva UAB

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