B2B e-Commerce

Customised e-commerce solution that helps wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers simplify and optimise their order management processes.

How the solution works

Using the B2B system, your customers will be able to view the product catalogue, place orders, see stocks and prices, pay for orders, download invoices, and much more. The solution is flexible and adaptable to specific business needs.

We recommend integrating the B2B system with your accounting software, warehouse, or production management system, and this will allow you to achieve full automation and use this business tool in the most effective way.

The B2B system is available on a rental basis with a one-time setup fee, followed by a fixed monthly usage fee.

Advantages of the B2B solution:

Standardised ordering process and accurate data collection.

The elimination of manual work, allowing you to save time.

Lower administrative costs for customer service.

Convenience to your clients.

Functional capabilities

The B2B system is accessible through a web browser, both for the user and the system administrator. The solution is installed in a reliable Tier-3 certified data centre, so you will not need to install anything additional in your infrastructure.

The B2B order system is available only to registered users. In other words, you will manage access rights to your customers by sending invitations.

The functionality described below is not exhaustive, the system can be adapted to individual business needs and specific processes can be implemented.

Product catalogue, stocks, and prices

In the B2B system, you can display your entire product catalogue with photos and descriptions. Logged-in users have the convenience of choosing products by browsing the product categories or using the search function. Intuitive search allows you to find products by entering a fragment of the name, SKU code, or other criteria.

We recommend providing real-time data to your customers; therefore, product stocks and prices should be updated automatically from the accounting software. This will help to avoid situations where the customer needs to be notified that the product they want is out of stock or that an incomplete order is being shipped.

In the system, you can apply personalised pricing to customers, and you will also be able to announce promotions, discounts, or product sales.

Order management

Your customers will be able to place orders like they would through a regular online store. For the convenience of the customer, the entire history of orders will be saved. Later, a new order can be created based on a previous order. This saves time as your customer will not have to assemble the same items for regular orders.

After receiving the order, you will be able to confirm, reject, or suggest corrections, and the customer will receive a corresponding notification in their account and by e-mail. If necessary, your manager will be able to connect to the system and place an order on behalf of the customer.

Accepting orders through an electronic platform is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. For your customers, it is a simple, convenient, and 24/7 way to place orders. For you, as a seller, the system will allow for the standardisation of the entire order process, i.e. you will receive order data in a unified manner, and it will be imported directly into your accounting software, which will prevent human errors and reduce the need for manual work.

Payments, invoices, debt management

Depending on the specifics of your business, advance or deferred payments can be implemented in the B2B system. For advance payments, the buyer would pay for the goods as they would in a regular store, using a credit card or via payment platforms such as PayPal. For deferred payments, if you work under a contract that allows deferred payment after delivery, customers will be able to pay according to the invoices provided.

In both cases, you can create invoices in your accounting software, and they will be automatically transferred to the B2B system. After uploading a new invoice, the customer will receive a corresponding notification by e-mail.

Debt management is often a problem when customers are granted deferred payment, and the B2B system can help solve this – if the customer exceeds the debt limit or misses the payment deadline, the system will no longer allow them to place new orders until the debt is paid.

User interface

The B2B ordering system is accessible through a web browser, and the adaptive design feature, which adjusts the system design to your corporate style, will allow your customers to comfortably perform all actions both using a personal computer and a mobile device.

Integration and data upload

The B2B system can be used as a stand-alone solution, but we recommend integrating it with your accounting software, as this way, you will achieve the maximum efficiency from this tool.

Integration can be done in several ways: it is possible to set up the automatic import/export of files or to implement data exchange via API. Flexible integration options allow us to adapt to the specifics of any accounting software.

Integration allows you to fully automate the exchange of data (orders, invoices, customer data, product data, etc.) between the B2B system and your accounting software. If needed, data can always be imported/exported manually from Excel or CSV files.

Client testimonials

“Edisoft solutions really help to optimise our work. Normally we receive orders in PDF files, and it takes a lot of time to transfer them into the system. Edisoft’s services allow you to save a lot of time and avoid errors when entering product codes manually. We work in all three Baltic countries, and we expect that more and more of our customers will connect to EDI.”

Kristina Lingytė, Customer service specialist, Tesa tape UAB

“We work with Edisoft in all three Baltic countries. The EDI service makes it easier for our customers to place orders and avoid errors. This is beneficial to both parties as documents travel quickly and without human intervention. We appreciate the quality, flexibility, and promptness of Edisoft services in responding to our needs.”

Diana Juškienė, Business solutions and systems expert, Coca-Cola HBC Lietuva UAB

“The biggest benefit of EDI services is that we avoid a lot of manual work. In the past, four order reception operators used to take orders, now everything is done automatically via the EDI platform. With the help of EDI and our IT systems, we constantly strive to make company processes more efficient. We appreciate the quality of Edisoft’s services and the fact that we receive a full range of electronic document exchange solutions from a single provider.”

Donatas Nemura, Head of the IT department, Fazer Lietuva UAB

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