Amazon integration

Integrate your accounting software with Amazon and
automate sales processes. We offer flexible and customised approach to your integration project.

How the service works

The integration service enables automated data exchange with the Amazon platform and allows you to manage most processes directly from your accounting software. This includes enabling you to update your inventory and prices, receive orders, send invoices, import sales data, download reports, and much more.

We are able to adapt to any accounting and warehouse software (even if it is custom-made), which makes our service a great option for those looking for flexibility and a customised approach to an integration project.

Integration is available with both Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor accounts.

Implementation of the service

When starting implementation, you will need to authorise the Edisoft App through your Amazon Seller account. Next, we will configure our platform to send and/or receive data from Amazon according to your needs and schedule.

After that, we will implement data connection between the accounting software and the EDI platform. Edisoft can receive and deliver data in almost all possible formats and channels, adapting easily to the capabilities of your software. Once the integration is complete, the process can be tested and launched in a production environment.

If necessary, the Edisoft platform can be used to link your internal product codes and ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) codes, or otherwise supplement, select, and transform the data you transmit.

The service price consists of two parts: a one-time connection fee and a monthly fee for the documents transferred. Please note, the connection fee depends on the complexity of the work required.

Automated processes

The Edisoft service allows most of the processes available via Amazon SP-API to be automated. Some of the functions demanded most by our customers are:

  • Receiving orders to the accounting or warehouse software from Amazon.
  • Importing sales data to the accounting software (when billing is performed by Amazon).
  • The automatic renewal of stock inventory and prices.
  • The automatic retrieval of various Amazon reports (on inventory, sales, returns, performance, etc.).

These are just some of the processes that can be automated with Amazon. After analysing specific business needs and technical capabilities, we will be able to offer even more solutions to suit your business’s specific requirements.

If you are interested or would like to arrange a consultation about this, please contact us.

Benefits of Amazon integration

More efficient trading process, faster order fulfilment, and greater customer satisfaction.

Automation helps eliminate manual entry of data into your systems.

Decrease in the risk of errors, thus helping avoid fines and ensuring full compliance with Amazon policies.

Significant reduction in trading costs and no increase in costs as sales volumes grow.

Client testimonials

“Amazon is a huge virtual supermarket. As their suppliers, we realized the necessity to automate processes and avoid manual work as much as possible. Our partners suggested to contact Lithuanian company Edisoft. After implementing their integration solution, I can recommend Edisoft as a reliable and responsible partner. They provide high quality services at a reasonable price.”

Kristian Hasager, Business Unit Director, SweDeltaco AB

“We work with Edisoft in all three Baltic countries. The EDI service makes it easier for our customers to place orders and avoid errors. This is beneficial to both parties as documents travel quickly and without human intervention. We appreciate the quality, flexibility, and promptness of Edisoft services in responding to our needs.”

Diana Juškienė, Business solutions and systems expert, Coca-Cola HBC Lietuva UAB

“The biggest benefit of EDI services is that we avoid a lot of manual work. In the past, four order reception operators used to take orders, now everything is done automatically via the EDI platform. With the help of EDI and our IT systems, we constantly strive to make company processes more efficient. We appreciate the quality of Edisoft’s services and the fact that we receive a full range of electronic document exchange solutions from a single provider.”

Donatas Nemura, Head of the IT department, Fazer Lietuva UAB

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