About Us

Mission Edisoft - Digital Business Transformation. We are sure that nothing integrates the global world, like technology. For 20 years, Edisoft has been digitizing processes between business partners, working with global corporations and with local businesses.

Our ecosystem helps to digitize and synchronize work with data at all stages of the supply chain: from procurement and b2b sales to logistics and cash flow management.

Edisoft solutions suitable for industrial and transport companies, retail chains, distributors, financial organizations, telecoms and government agencies.

Our Approach

Understand the scope and configuration requirements

  • Conduct an in-depth study of your business processes, with immersion in the company’s structure
  • Analyse existing docs registers and the business processes that support it
  • Define systems integrations and configuration
  • Identify user, speed and location access requirements

Make hardware and software recommendations

  • Modeling the AS‑IS and TO‑BE processes
  • Tailor solutions based on environment and technical restrictions
  • Forming detailed reports and regulatory documents
  • Develop technical hardware and software requirements

System implementation

  • To confirm the hypotheses: implementing MVP based on the terms of reference
  • Install base system and configure interfaces to suit user roles
  • Integration with existing systems

Data collection and reconciliation

  • Transformation data into a structured view for their subsequent use
  • Recommend solutions and configuration options to best represent your management policies
  • Audit and verify data integrity

Big World. One Team

Edisoft brings together more than 300 people - developers, business analysts, experts and specialists in the field of digital transformations.

Our offices and partners are present in MENA Region, UK, Eastern Europe, Baltic States, North America, Asia.

8,000 Customers Worldwide Use Our Solutions