Why You Need It

Before you implement complex business process optimization solutions, you are likely to require consulting services. Basically, you might want to answer the following questions: How is your IT infrastructure doing? Which solutions does your competition use? Why are the tools you're going to implement useful, and what is the best way to automate your business processes?

Edisoft analysts and experts can boast of full expertise, which will help answer these questions, as well as minimize any risks related to implementing such projects.

How It Works

Edisoft IT consulting services include your company's infrastructure audit, general testing, creating a strategy for building new information systems and processes and improving the existing ones, selecting and implementing industry-specific IT solutions, and software testing and development consulting.

Key Advantages

Multiple years' experience in EDI IT consulting areas

Regular status reports during project implementation

5,500 projects completed successfully

Get support even after your project is complete

Legal responsibility for integration project management

Guaranteed deadlines

Each project stage is completed on a turnkey basis