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Digital solutions for government and municipal authorities, which make management processes more efficient.

Transform external and internal document flow into electronic form, easily integrate IT systems with each other, automate the processes associated with procurement, supplies, financing, and logistics. Reduce docflow costs and errors, increase process transparency.

Edisoft Platform: Electronic Docflow

Edisoft Platform includes a full suite of functionality designed to help government agencies get all the benefits of paperless data exchange: creating, digitizing, approving, signing, sending, receiving, processing, formatting, synchronizing and storing documents.

Legal significance due to the use of electronic signatures and cryptography. The platform also supports strict government document formats.

Electronic Contracts

Agreements with counterparties and contractors in digital format. Automatic data processing and verification. Approval and signing in online format.

Master Data Management

Synchronization of lots of product data. The basis for making management decisions based on up-to-date information.

Procurement Automation

Consolidation of a pool of suppliers on a digital platform. Synchronization of prices and selection of the best conditions. Conclusion of agreements and control of the life cycle of the contract.

Tracking of Сommodity Flows

Control over the circulation of commodities and goods in the markets. Analytics, reporting and data traceability from imports or domestic production to retail sales.

SCF Solutions

Payment, accounting, factoring digital services that can be implemented in the IT infrastructure of a government organization. Everything is based on electronic data exchange.

Logistics Management

Automation of logistics tasks and simplification of work with transport companies in procurement and delivery. Search for the best conditions for transportation. Electronic waybills.

Edisoft Link: Integration Platform

Edisoft Link makes it easy to connect flows of electronic documents and business data between internal to external systems.

The solution uses secure channels and performs actions: processing, routing, signing, verifying, storing and transforming electronic documents.

Integration with any systems

Integration of external systems via API, SOAP, REST API, JMS, FTP / SMB, OFTP (OFTP2), AS2. The solution is able to connect any ERP to electronic document management platforms — from SAP to «self-written».


Communication with several platforms of electronic document management in the single-window mode. One simple connection instead of several complex integrations

Documents of any format

Receiving and sending any files in the form of electronic documents with legal significance. Server signing of documents.


Automatic transformation of xml, excel, txt, pdf, IDOC formats into EDI messages and legally significant electronic documents according to predefined scenarios.


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