faster order processing


saving on paperwork


more efficient work


human error

About Solution

Enterprise solution for managing your suppliers in the procurement process.

Procurement portal helps bring supplier relationships to the cloud. The solution reduces operational and indirect costs to the back office, contract management, forwarding and processing of documents using automated algorithms.

Why Edisoft?

Full customization

White Label and flexible implementation into the business processes of your company

Easy onboarding

Simple transfer of suppliers to a new format of work due to ready-made solutions

Cloud storage

All supplier data is located in one place, which ensures the correctness of the information


End-to-end business processes

Data on inventory, order statuses and shipments. Automatic tracking of the movement of goods and documents at all stages of the execution of the contract.

Full legal docflow

100+ types of electronic documents based on international, corporate, industry or local standards.


Procurement portal reduces the amount of manual input of primary data. The solution allows you to digitize 95% of b2b workflow business processes through flexible settings and robotization.

Detailed reports

Operational information about contracts and mutual settlements with partners on various metrics in real time. Tools for control and high speed of decision making.

Master data management

Synchronization of data with suppliers on the availability of goods and current prices. Automatic upload of catalogs to the portal. Accuracy of purchase orders.

Caring support

Our support team will help users solve a variety of issues, from basic training, onboarding navigation and registration, to troubleshooting for order failures, errors, and more.

Everything you need for procurement — in one solution

Automatic order processing

Digitalization of the procurement chain: exchange of prices and catalogs, orders, delivery notifications and acceptance, inventory, accounts.

Powerful integration capabilities for communication with any ERP. Data processing algorithms.

Automatic transformation and e-document validation.

Сloud dashboard for suppliers

Useful tools to process your orders. Suppliers only need an electronic signature and internet access.

Tracking shipments, creating invoices, signing contracts and documents, sending catalogs in few clicks.

Flexible user roles with fine tuning capabilities

End-to-end real-time analytics

Tracking the status of contract execution using dashboards.

Customizable metrics and updating indicators online.

Actual info about the movement of goods and funds during purchases.