Our Mission

Every year, businesses around the world use trillions of paper documents in their daily work, increasing the burden on the environment and leaving a high carbon footprint. We consistently advocate minimizing this impact, devoting our developments and technologies to the transfer of business processes to electronic form.

We help clients to go paperless as much as possible

It saves the planet and makes the business more attractive to investors

We consume resources responsibly within our company

Edisoft digitizes its own internal processes and recycles used materials

We believe that new technologies reduce the burden on nature

Each of our projects and products is developed with a green strategy in mind.

550 000

trees saved annually by our customers using electronic data interchange


of our enterprise level clients and partners are in the top of ESG ratings


communications with customers take place online, without flights and trips with a carbon footprint


reduced average paper usage by customers with our services and solutions


all batteries and accumulators used in our offices are recycled


new Edisoft customers receive invoices from us electronically

What Else?

Electronic archives and cloud solutions — must have

We consistently adhere to the idea that businesses should minimize the use of physical data storage, transferring them to the cloud and digitizing processes as much as possible.

Complex digitalization as standart

We believe that only comprehensive digitalization allows for more efficient use of resources, making business greener. No need to stop halfway, the result will be visible when scaling.

Look in depth of processes

Efficient digital business communications and technologies indirectly reduce transport downtime, route inefficiency and excessive CO2 emissions, eliminate the need to physically move couriers, mail, drivers just for the sake of transferring a pack of paper.

More performance and less energy consumption is a reality

Outdated IT solutions and a lot of routine software operations increase energy consumption, but well-established processes, smart automation and intelligent processing of big data can reduce the load on servers and power grids. In the development of our solutions, we only adhere to such an approach — get more results with fewer resources.

See Our ESG Overview

Learn more about our green plan, eco-activities and principles in the detailed document

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