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We connect suppliers and buyers. Edisoft helps to speed up and simplify cross-border trade: from the contracting and procurement to logistics and financing.

Edisoft solutions provide digital data exchange, business process automation and document flow unification between deals parties.

3 steps to access global markets & bussines success

Connect to Edisoft. Get the ability to work with electronic documents and EDI messages according to global standards used all over the world. Choose access: online or through integration.

Start work. Find potential partners, conclude transactions electronically. Exchange prices, catalogs, orders, documents accompanying the delivery and acceptance of goods.

Digitize your processes. Expand the use of technology by digitalizing all stages of the supply chain - collecting reports, uploading to marketplaces, funding, shipping, managing employees to get a cumulative result. Connect additional solutions from Edisoft that will help you accelerate development.

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All based on Edisoft Ecosysem

Edisoft Platform: Data Processing Core

Any types of e-docs and EDI. Easily switch to electronic document management within the company, with your suppliers, customers or b2b buyers.

Full legal significance. You will be fully protected by law and will be able to safely abandon paper counterparts.

Matching and validation. Edisoft Platform keeps your data and documents intact. Eliminates the risk of duplication, loss of information and reduces the number of errors when working with large volumes of files.

Role models and routing. Customize user access levels for certain platform features. Create routes for passing documents within your company for signing and approval.

Document transformation. Converting e-doc formats according to predefined logic. No more manually entering information into your systems.

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Digital Solutions & Apps

Contracting. Reduce your business costs and accelerate processes: sign contracts electronically - easily, quckly and safety.

Procurement. Exchange of prices and catalogs, orders, delivery notifications and acceptance, inventory, accounts. Useful tools to process your deals.

Logistics. Find and conclude profitable shipment contracts, choose partners, delivery control. Speeds up transport booking, and simplifies communication between carriers and customers. Field staff management mobile apps.

Finance. Acceleration of processes in the treasury and accounting department. E-factoring, payment factory, invoice discounting and other services.

Integration Tools. Synchronization of workflow between any systems via ESB from Edisoft. Automation and routing of processing large amounts of data

Our Benefits


Minimize complexity and administrative work across purchase, payment and logistics with solutions designed for realy simplicity and best performance.


Our solutions help to see the real results of digitalization soon. Faster data exchange and turnover, less expenses, more cash flow.


The Edisoft infrastructure is based on fault-tolerant data centers, distributed architecture and regular backups.


We help clients to go paperless as much as possible. It saves the planet and makes the business more attractive to investors

Global Green Plan

Join Edisoft and use e-docs to reduce carbon waste. Together we’re helping the supply chains responsibly.

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