Edisoft Logistics: Connecting Carriers and Shippers

Find and conclude profitable contracts, choose partners, control transportation. All based on electronic documents.

About Edisoft Logistics

Edisoft Logistics helps carriers find the best orders, provides them with routing tools, and supports working with electronic waybills.

Shippers can choose partners depending on attractive terms, quickly conclude electronic contracts and monitor their execution. Any employee of the supply chain participants can take part in the processes, from the purchasing manager to a receiver or accountant.

Mobile App for Drivers

All Carriers in a Single App

Find the right truck at the best price or a profitable order — instantly. Make transactions online.


Edisoft Logistics supports electronic waybills, reducing the labor required to work with data.

Smart Routing

Thanks to intelligent algorithms, Edisoft Logistics helps you plan transportation routes and also provides GPS cargo tracking.

Powerful Logistics Tool

All Options in a Single Solution

Edisoft Logistics helps centralize logistics management, speeds up transport booking, and simplifies communication between carriers and customers.


Connect your systems and services to Edisoft Logistics to automatically work with orders and requests.

Interaction History

Edisoft Logistics ranks the platform users, allowing you to select the best contractors.

White Label

You can work with carriers in a closed loop of our LogisticPlat solution.

All Based on Electronic Data Interchange

Instant Response

Find customers or carriers faster thanks to prompt feedback.

Legal Significance

Electronic signatures and data transmission through e-docs platform allows you to stop using paper altogether.

Accounting Optimization

Automatically create and process electronic accounting documents. The service allows you to lessen the burden on the back office.

Service Features

All Order Parameters Taken Into Account

Reduce costs associated with transport underloading.

Choice of Contractors

Choose a carrier, taking into account detailed characteristics of transport that correspond to the parameters of the order.

Calculation of Preliminary Cost

Automatically determine the cost of transportation for possible grouping, optimization and consolidation of cargo from different customers.


Optimize delivery processes and plan cargo routes based on location, situation on the road, traffic jams, and driver experience.

Support of Electronic Documents

Work with electronic bills of lading and waybills via a web account or mobile app for drivers.

Additional Modules

Conclude electronic contracts through E-Sourcing, work with agreements and invoices through E-Invoicing, and finance supplies through E-Factoring.

Integration with External Services

Integration with any accounting systems (SAP, Axapta, etc) and third-party services through ready-made modules and connectors as well as the LinkServer made by Edisoft.

Fine Tuning

Align your business processes with EDI and e-docs standards: from using personal formats of documents to routing their approval.

Edisoft Customers and Partners