reduce docflow costs


file loss


less labor costs


Faster data entry into internal systems

About Solution

Edisoft helps to simplify work with HR tasks by creating a single digital workspace for interaction between employees and HR professionals. The solution transforms HR docflow into electronic form: from employment contracts and applications to CV and instructions.

Edisoft makes internal communications fast, simple and friendly, helps to increase the efficiency of employees, strengthen control over the execution of tasks and automate a large amount of routine with documents.

How It Works

Implementation of infrastructure for electronic signature management.

Launch of an internal corporate portal for employees to interact with each other and the HR department.

Development of a mobile application for quick access to tasks and communications.

Synchronization of data streams and HR documents. Automation of file processing.

Any HR documents. No paper. In electronic format

Employment Contracts and Supplementary Agreements

Employee databases

Hiring and Firing Orders

Employee profiles and job descriptions

Material liability agreements


Vacation and termination requests

Vacation schedules

Notes for a business trip, applications for daily subsistence allowance and housing

Documents for insurance companies

Any reference docs

Notes on personnel transfers and additional payments

Safety logs

Vacation call notifications

Request for work on weekends and non-working days

Maternity leave

Holiday to care for the child

Explanatory notes on disciplinary misconduct and damage to the employer

Vacation notifications

Complex Solution For HR Workflow

Full HR Digitalization

Creation of electronic signatures for employees and automation of the processing of HR documents.

Process and document constructors. Creation of file templates. Routes for the approval and signing of documents in electronic form.

Corporate сenter for e-signing. Management of electronic signatures of company employees.

RPA. Easy recognition of documents, data entry into systems, signing, forwarding, formatting, approval, archiving without human intervention.

Integration. Synchronization of data streams with other corporate systems and external services.

Single-Window Workspace

Edisoft helps to involve employees in work processes, increase team synergy and set up horizontal connections.

Task and message manager. Mobile application for communication of employees on operational issues and response to tasks.

Community, forums and news feeds. Bring colleagues from different departments together, giving them the opportunity to share valuable experience, creating an open and friendly environment within the company.

Interal knowledge base. Reduce team training effort. Make collective knowledge the property of the company, not of individual employees.

Gamification. Encourage employee engagement with playful techniques, awards, and achievements.


Internal and external communications

Accelerate communication between employees via Edisoft messenger and elements of social networks: «live feeds», alerts, and chats.

Task and process management

Task management tools, checklists, filters, templates and document constructors.

Automation of document processing

Background processing of files in all formats, data extraction and enrichment of documents with new information reduces the workload of staff and cuts bureaucracy.

HR management

Edisoft easily visualizes the structure of the company and helps to work with the tasks of the HR department. Stores and processes all the necessary information about employees.

Sharing documents

Creation, editing and storage of documents. Approval and signing of electronic files.

Time planning

Easily create reports and improve work discipline. Time spent tracking, cost estimation for different types of tasks.

Full personal data safety

Complete security of access to corporate data through the use of a hardware security module that stores keys and supports the role model of users.


Edisoft can be connected to services of insurance companies and personnel portals, adding the necessary functionality inside the personal accounts of employees.