Benefits for All Participants in Deal

For Buyers

When purchasing finished products or raw materials

Supplier Search. Find potential partners around the world. Choose the best terms. Send them offers with Edisoft.

Contract Management. Conclude electronic contracts with suppliers and control their life cycle. You don't need paper. All processes are digital.

Quickly Onboarding. Connect suppliers to the electronic document flow with you to start deliveries. All they need to do is register with Edisoft.

Orders & Deliveries. Request price and product catalogs, place orders, control shipping and receiving. All based on EDI. It's easy and safe.

For Suppliers

For those who produce and sell goods and raw materials in bulk

New Markets. Expand your distribution network with Edisoft. Find global buyers in other regions and countries, send them your offers. Respond to incoming requests. Sign supply contracts.

Orders Processing. Quickly respond to purchase orders by confirming or correcting the request. Notify about prices and stocks, shipments made to the buyer's address.

Saving Resources & Time. EDI makes it possible not to use paper, mail, telephone, to exchange data with the buyer. Everything interacts instantly on the Edisoft platform.

Acceleration for Business. Your readiness to work on the basis of electronic document management and EDI will make your company attractive to global buyers. More orders - better business efficiency.

How Edisoft Helps

Connects Business Partners

Make purchases and deliveries with all the many counterparties through a single platform. It is practical, efficient and economical. We’ll ensure the sustainability of your supply chains.

Provides Communication Tools

Edisoft provides everything you need for digital interaction: electronic document management, solutions for logistics, procurement, and financing.

Protects Against Fraud

You can be confident in the security of your critical business data, trade secrets and access to information. Our infrastructure is protected from failures and attacks.

Automates Routine Processes

Edisoft automates supply chain business processes with smart algorithms. From data entry and signing to data transfer and archiving.

Why Edisoft?

International EDI Provider

Our offices and partners are located in various countries. This helps ensure cross-border customer interaction.

Powerful B2B Platform

A complete digital workflow that is understandable for a company anywhere in the world.

Application Tools

We can develop and implement purchasing portals, fintech services and mobile applications.

Excelent Experience

On the market for over 20 years. We work with local and international companies.