Our Offer

Supply chains of both food industry and agribusiness are always pressured by market. To
operate at a profit level and succeed in the future companies have to constantly cut costs
and seek new growth opportunities.

Our tools help reduce the burden on business with digitalization. Edisoft B2B-ecosystem and
its modules make processes more predictable, transparent, and technology-based.

Digital Upgrade for Your Business

We assist manufacturing companies of the food industry in their digital transformation with
services and solutions of the Edisoft B2B-ecosystem.

Automatic interaction with suppliers and buyers of raw materials/finished products is now
possible. You can convert your docflows into electronic format and introduce robotization
for their processing. We will help you accurately manage your logistics and distribution.

E-documents instead of paper

Electronic data exchange with business partners and suppliers. Procurement acceleration.

Visibly save your resources
and time.

Save on data processing

Automating back-office routine regarding manual data input and document flow.

Replace bureaucracy with robotization.

Seamless integration

Synchronization of data exchange among your stores, warehouses, branches, and head office.

Minimize human errors in docflow.

Processing distribution reports

Faster transfer of data on
sales and distributors' warehouse inventory.

Synchronize your systems and data with contractors.

Unlock the Power of Edisoft Ecosystem

EDI with partners

Electronic data interchange at all work stages with business partners: from ordering goods and pickup at a warehouse to signing, reconciliation, returns, and inventory.
Diminish any tax risks.

Procurement Digitalization

Simplify procurement procedures and easily manage suppliers via corporate portal. Search for suppliers with the best conditions, quick signing of e-contracts, and control over their performance.

Edisoft ContractManagement

Manage the lifecycle of contracts in electronic form with raw material suppliers, contractors, and corporate buyers of finished products. Full legal significance of the agreements.

E-Docflow Automation

Routing, processing, forwarding, signing, converting e-documents and EDI messages. Without global refinements and changes in the current business processes.

Electronic Data Archives

Storing documents and data in a secure archive with convenient search filters and automatic upload function. Exclude risks of document loss, arising from negligence or unforeseen circumstances.

Smart Logistics

Digital space for communications with carriers, senders, and recipients. Support for electronic invoices or waybills, automatic routing, logistical planning, and automation of related tasks.

HR Automation

Transfer HR document flow for the entire personnel into electronic format: from employment contracts and applications to orders and instructions. Electronic document signing. Approval of routes.

On-field Staff Mobile Apps

Business services and applications for managing merchandisers and sales agents. On-the-go staff control, task distribution, smart routing, photo reports, checklists, monitoring, collection of detailed analytics.

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