Why You Need It

When a company switches to e-data interchange, other transaction parties also need access to sending and receiving EDI messages or legally valid docs. With onboarding, you make the most of implementing a new data interchange technology.

How It Works

Edisoft experts will technically arrange the connection for e-doc interchange and EDI messages, e.g. enabling such a connection between a retail chain and suppliers, or between a seller and multiple buyers.

We'll tell your partners why they should leverage e-doc interchange; we will also be supporting them and train them accordingly.

Companies with small doc flow are generally connected to EDI services via web, while those with high doc traffic are fully integrated.

Key Advantages

Take our extensive EDI connection experience

Draft, send, and process your docs faster

Reduce costs on sending, storing, and printing out your documents

Compatible with various data transfer standards

Integration with any ERP systems

Enhance doc flow monitoring within the entire chain, from order to payment

Fewer human errors with less time spent on identifying and fixing them

Reliable, confidential, and legally valid documents

Speed up your logistics