Our Offer

Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, as well as mining in the new reality, is experiencing a
load on production and logistics capacities. Supply chains must remain secure and
businesses should respond quickly to market changes.

Our tools relieve the burden off business with the help of digitalization. Edisoft
B2B-ecosystem and its modules make processes more predictable, transparent, and

Digital Upgrade for Your Business

We assist metallurgy and mining companies in their digital transformation with services and
solutions of the Edisoft B2B-ecosystem.

We offer digital solutions that will help business development: automation of procurement of
raw materials and equipment, management of counterparties, sales and logistics, supply
chain financing, internal workflows.

Boosting your investment appeal

Digitalizing business to accelerate the growth of metallurgy and mining companies

Increase in competitiveness.

Saving money on data processing

Automating back-office routine regarding manual data input and document flow.

Replacement of bureaucracy with robotization.

Seamless integration of IT infrastructures

Synchronizing data between your accounting systems. Setting up end-to-end integration.

Elimination of inefficient use of resources.

High-speed managerial decision-making

Collecting and processing data for business in production, logistics, and commercial chains.

Detailed reports and
up-to-date analytics.

Unlock the Power of Edisoft Ecosystem

Docflow Synchronization

Routing, processing, forwarding, signing, converting electronic documents and EDI messages among different accounting systems. Without global improvements and changes in current business processes.

Digital Contracts & Procurement

Easy management of your suppliers and simplification of procurement procedures: from finding a counterparty to agreeing and concluding a contract. Purchase price control, supply forecasting and reduction of labor costs for transaction support.

System Integration

Adaptation of external ERP to the features of e-document management in your company, support for corporate and industry standards. Minimal intervention in ERP. Eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Supply Chain Finance

Financing supply chains in the metals industry with automation and paperless data exchange. Full electronic factoring and Invoice Discounting with turnkey contractors. Contragent onboarding.

Digitalization of Logistics

Digital space for working with carriers, senders and recipients of raw materials and metal products. Electronic shipping documents and smart routing. Logistics planning and task automation.

HR Automation

Transferring HR document flow into electronic form for the entire personnel: from employment contracts and applications to orders and instructions. E-document signing. Routing verification.

Supply Chain Data Analytics

Automated collection and processing of information on the movement of raw materials, products and documents. Creation of operational reports necessary for making management decisions.

Corporate Mobile Apps

Business services and applications for managing on-field staff and service. Control, tasking, routing, checklists, equipment troubleshooting, monitoring.