About the Platform

Edisoft Mobile is designed specifically for the development of enterprise solutions. Applications created on the Edisoft platform are easily integrated with ERP, CRM, WMS, EDMS and other corporate information systems, as well as all other solutions of our B2B ecosystem.

The technology stack used is the basis for creating applications in the following areas: contracting, procurement, logistics, banking, document processing and signing, field staff management, delivery control, monitoring, HR processes. Edisoft Mobile provides a vast range of opportunities to adapt to constantly changing business needs, including scaling.

You can use the ready-made corporate applications from Edisoft right now or order your own development.

Why Edisoft?

Turnkey Solutions

We manage projects from technical specifications and business analysis to design, development and support

Maximum Flexibility

All Edisoft applications are tailored to your specific business needs. They look like your own design

Quick Effect

You will see the benefits of using and return on investment in the project in a short time

Development Сontrol

Budgeting, progress and goals of creating mobile solutions are extremely clear at all stages of development

Featured Applications

Edisoft Courier

Automation of delivery management and field employees

Planning of the working schedule of personnel. Setting tasks, monitoring their implementation, reports and detailed analytics.

Fast distribution of orders and visits to customers based on a variety of conditions. Smart routing for increased productivity.

Tools for the work of a field employee with a client. Marketing surveys, checklists, photo fixation, data transfer to the office without visiting it.

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Edisoft Agent

Management, control and planning for outbound sales and merchandising

Synchronization of product catalogs with the company database. Current balances and prices in the application. Making orders at a meeting with a client and instantly transferring them to the office.

Control over the status of showcases and display of goods at the client. Photographing, planogram management and reporting.

Additional tools for field sales: customer categories, discounts, order history, binding to the territory, questionnaires, document constructor.

Edisoft Logistics

Managing the actions of drivers during cargo transportation

Shipping document electronically inside the app. Available to the driver and other employees. No need to carry paper documents.

Legal significance. Support and synchronization of a full-fledged dockflow in logistics.

Smart planning. Monitoring the location of vehicles, creating optimal routes for the driver.

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Ready-made Frameworks

We develop enterprise applications based on a large selection of modules and components, including reusable modules and solutions with specific functionality and business opportunities. Based on them, you can quickly create your new enterprise services and solutions, accelerating their time to market and increasing the value of your enterprise.

Integrations Tools

Seamless connection with corporate accounting systems and a web-based admin panel to synchronize the exchange of any data.

Task Management

Creation and distribution of tasks between users. Control over their implementation. Instant transfer and notification of the need to complete the task.

Time Planning   Employee Management

Managing the work schedule of employees. Calendars and dashboards based on many parameters: work schedules, employee availability, workload, location. Role model of users. Functional access levels.

Catalogs   MasterData

Synchronization of product balances and price categories in corporate systems with field sales applications based on up-to-date data.

Analitics   Reports

Collection of various parameters of the field staff activities and creation of own reports. Automatic or manual collection of reports without paper duplication or data entry into third-party systems.

Docflow   Template Builder

Create your own documents and use ready-made templates. Ensuring the legal significance of document flow without the use of paper.


Smart routing for employees engaged in out-of-office work. Fast distribution of visit points to increase efficiency. Analysis of the road situation.

Polls   Gamification

Conducting marketing surveys during a visit to a client, collecting and processing data. Gamification for field employees - a system of achievements and statuses.

Photographic Fixation

The ability to take photos inside the application - from the safety of the packaging or storefront to documents and customer authentication. Transferring data to the admin panel. Protection against fraud and leaks.

Receiving   Sending Customer Orders

Placement of orders during a direct visit to a client inside the employee's application. Instant data transfer to internal systems for processing a transaction or task, as well as related documents.

Technology Development Stack

An experienced team of our specialists develops Edisoft Mobile. We use:

  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL
  • VueJS, AngularJS, React, Less
  • Java (Android), Kotlin (Android), Flutter (Cross-Platform)
  • Swift (iOS)