About Solution

Reduce your business costs and accelerate processes: sign contracts electronically on Edisoft Platform - easily, quckly and safety.

Edisoft Platform helps verify data, create e‑docs packages in the required form and send for final approval.

For Your Company

Work on your ERP system by connecting to Edisoft Platform via any preferred communication channels.

For Suppliers

Work on cloud B2B portal. Enough internet access and e‑signature.

Facts & Benefits

Full Security

Your business data will be kept safe

Docflow Acceleration

Automation of document processing in ERP

High Speed Connection

Counterparties easily move to new workflow

Saving on Paper

No need to store large amounts of paper

Edisoft Platform Features

  • Flexible document management
  • Electronic signature
  • Real-time contract text adjustments
  • Various statuses: draft, sent, processed, rejected, deleted, completed
  • Individual printing form for each document
  • Check for mandatory fields
  • Verification of document packages
  • Cancellation of protocol of disagreements

Extensive File Type Support

Your partner can create and sign full e‑docs package for agreement contract in few clicks.

All documents inside the package will be completed by e‑signature.

How It Works

Counterparty actions

About 10 min

Fill in the required fields on Edisoft Platform

Download digital copies of statutory documents and protocol of disagreements

Sign all the documents in the package by electronic signature

Submit documents for approval via Edisoft Platform

Get a signed contract and start delivery

Your actions

About 2 min

Get e‑docs package from suppliers in electronic form

Sign documents and verify data from a partner