by 90%

data exchange accelerated in supply chain

to 0%

document loss reduced

by 20%

employee workload diminished

by 80%

savings on document flow

Resolving Business Problems

Low productivity while processing papers manually
High costs for operator/accountant labor compensation funds
Human errors resulting in financial risks
High costs for refinement of corporate systems

Robotize & Speed Up with Edisoft Link

Edisoft Link programs software robots to imitate an employee engaged in corporate systems while doing paperwork. The solution automates business in supply chain: from billing, signing, and reconciling to reforming, sending e-documents, and archiving.

The robots interact with data the same way as humans do. They interpret information, perform necessary actions and repeating tasks in auto mode.

Cost recovery

Integration expenditures pay off within several months

Saving IT budget

Robot usage does not imply corporate systems refinement

Avoidance of errors

Robots do not make mistakes while processing data, plus, they never sleep

Stimulus for development

RPA economizes resources allowing business to grow without any need to enlarge staff

Forget About Routine Paperwork Operations

Automated signature and reconciliation of big paper volumes according to the rules created. Management of document routes. Role models for users.

Document transformation for any accounting system. Translation of XML, Excel, TXT, PDF, IDOC into EDI and legal documents. Transferring files trough complex routes.

Automated document verific. Tracking on arrival of goods, invoices, waybills, EDI messages. Price and catalog reconciliation. Audit of supply conditions.

Business Leaders Recommend Us

«Thanks to its flexibility, Edisoft Link can satisfy all our needs when exchanging data with partners without making changes to the ERP. The project implements a system of acceptance for electronic documents, a user role model and connection to electronic document flow providers via a single bus».

«Over the past two years, we have completed two phases of implementing EDI and connected our six key customers. The major difficulty in implementing this project was the peculiarity of our company’s IT support. It is an international team located in different time zones. Thanks to the professionalism of Edisoft, all the goals were achieved».

«Within the project, data transfer and conversion of EDI messages to the desired format between Ariston and counterparties were automated. Edisoft Link filters incoming requests from debtors, after which we can approve or reject them. We recommend Edisoft as one of the best integrators with SAP expertise».

«As a result of cooperation with Edisoft, data exchange with Hilti has become more convenient for counterparties, which is extremely important for business development. Hilti recommends Edisoft as a reliable partner that offers high-quality solutions».