How to adapt SAP to local features of e-docflow with Edisoft Link

Hilti is supplying goods to hundreds of contractors in Eastern Europe. The employees used to exchange physical paper documents. Since there has always been plenty of contractors, they kept delaying delivery or even losing those papers. That’s why purchasers would pay for supplies long after. The company decided to shift to e-document flow, however, stumbling upon an obstacle.

Company workers operate in SAP, which has its servers in Austria. According to local legislation one can sign documents with e-signature only in countries of markets. Moreover, SAP does not support locally created invoice formats.

Those providers, to which Hilti had turned its attention to, proposed to hold operations with e-docs via e-docflow platform with web-interface; however, a solution like this was not suitable enough. In that case, employees would have to transfer data from accounting system to provider’s platform, which would result in such a waste of time. The company was looking for the solution allowing to sign and forward documents in single-window mode.

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