How Edisoft Agent mobile App helped MBWS simplify purchase order collection to a maximum point

Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits (MBWS) is a company group engaged in production and distribution of wine and alcoholic beverages across Europe and USA. The holding owns a pipeline of premium liquor brands such as Sobieski, William Peel, and Marie Brizard.

Initially selling agents of MBWS office were visiting their clients in person, filling out paper order forms. Later, they had to return to the office and manually transfer data to electronic system. The process lacked efficiency. Virtually, the exact same job was being done twice. Oftentimes human factor occurred, leading to mistakes in paperwork. It kept resulting in price verification, since they had been using different terms of delivery for each client.

Order fulfillment was taking a lot of time. MBWS management decided to make a difference and began to seek a way to lighten agents’ workload. In pursuit for appropriate solution, which would help optimize order collection and diminish agents’ labor input, the choice was made to utilize Edisoft Agent mobile app. 

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