Diversity & Inclusion

About Our Philosophy

At Edisoft, we always show our employees that they are valued for who they are and what they bring. Our inclusive culture is based on the life experiences of our employees.

We respect the diversity of views, backgrounds and abilities. We always help those members of our team who face difficulties. Every employee plays an important role. We learn from each other and encourage each other to develop, grow and have a positive impact on colleagues. We are one team with a common sense of purpose.

Our Corporate Values



We don’t give up when we get into stressful situations and work with difficult tasks. We leave our comfort zone, make efforts and bring things to a positive result. We develop the will to win on each team member. We never give up, and if we «fall» we always «rise».



We strive to be interesting people and versatile personalities, colleagues and clients are comfortable with us. We do not stop at personal and professional development, but always try to «pump» our skills, gain new experience that can be applied in business.



Each of us believes in ourselves and the success of our work, believes in the team and the people around us, believes in the products that the company develops, trusts the decisions of the management and believes in the planned course of Edisoft’s development, as well as in the attainability of the set goals.



We emphasize the importance of interaction between small teams and the entire company as a whole. We help each other, treat colleagues with respect, show mutual assistance and show the maximum return to achieve a common result.


Responsible Decision Making

The company gives us the opportunity to realize ourselves and our potential, showing in practice personal and business qualities, skills and experience. Each of us has a responsible attitude towards tasks and projects, and can also take risks for the sake of overall success.

Our Commitment in Action

Female Employees

Female Senior Leader

Female Board of Directors

Representation as of Marth 1, 2021

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance


Edisoft’s paperless technology aims to reduce the negative human impact on the environment. Digitalization of processes allows our clients to reduce anthropogenic load.

Every year, 250 million electronic documents pass through our platform. This helps save 21,000 trees. We minimize the use of paper documents for billing and internal communications.

We recycle batteries from electronic devices. All offices have battery collection boxes.


Our personnel policy provides for national, racial, religious and gender diversity. Most jobs at Edisoft are handicapped-friendly.

We support equal access for all employees to company resources and career opportunities, training and development. We are categorically against any discrimination.

We take care of the health and well-being of our employees by supporting the telecommuting mode as much as possible during COVID-19.

Corporate Governance

The relationship between employees and management is built on openness. Each specialist has direct access to interaction with the board of directors.

The company regularly receives feedback from employees on both their understanding of Edisoft’s development strategy and the organization of work processes.

Each department and division has sufficient authority to organize the comfortable work of its employees. We support the maximum independence of all teams within the Edisoft holding.