Faster to enter data into
internal systems


Faster data exchange
in supply chains


Less staff work

About the Platform

Edisoft Link is the control center of the enterprise’s distributed information landscape, connecting data and document flows between any information systems, from E-Docs platforms to accounting systems.

External IT Environment

Implementation Options


Quick deployment and no rework to your systems. Edisoft Link modules allow you to set up basic automation processes in your company that can work without user intervention.

Tailor-Made Solution

Flexible customization to individual business processes. Implementing the Edisoft Link provides drive consistent and predictable growth quarter-after-quarter.


Document Signing

Automatic signing with the option to configure the logic of your company’s business processes. Verification and approval.

Automatic Approval

Intelligent document reconciliation with customizable templates and features.

Data Entry in ERP

Data entry into corporate information systems without a user. Support for any ERP from SAP and Axapta to self-made systems.

Data Routing

Automate exchange of EDI and e-docs. Checks the validity of documents and is responsible for processing documents in a typical transfer script between docflow participants.


Storing documents and data in a secure archive with convenient search filters and automatic export.


Documents of different formats (xml, Excel, txt, pdf, IDoc, etc.) can be transformed into EDI messages or legally significant documents.

Flexible Deployment

The platform can be installed on-premises software or secure Edisoft data centers (Tier 3).

Back-end Workflow

Employees continue to work in the enterprise system interfaces, and all of the processing goes on the platform side.

Industry Experience


Automated docflow for commodity and non-commodity deliveries; automatic reconciliation of catalogs; solving problems with loss and non-return of accounting source documents.

A single archive for storage of formalized and non-formalized documents; quick preparation for audits. Optimized transport costs for the delivery of documents, accelerated acceptance of goods, number of errors in the work with data reduced to zero.


Automated primary financial documentation and reconciliation of originals between the group companies and centralized document flow management.

One platform to work with different electronic document management providers. Legal significance of electronic documents in internal and external processes. Work of several thousand users and distributed architecture support through a single window.


Automated processing, reconciliation, signing and exchange of documents. Reduced labor costs in accounting and logistics. Eliminated risks of document loss in the company.

Faster receipt of documents from dealers and reduced paper costs.

Financial Services

Reduction of costs of bank operating and administrative activities; automated signing, approval and storage of documents. Integration with core banking system, ERP, CRM and other turnkey systems.

Docflow security ensured by managing roles and controlling employee access to internal documents. Optimization of IT infrastructure, which outpaces the growth of the customer base and the volume of transactions.

Oil, Gas & Energy

Automated work with data for different user categories in distributed business units. Approval, signing, data enrichment and storage of electronic copies.

The solution is integrated seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure due to ready-made integration modules and the availability of the necessary certification.


Automated work with orders and requests for transportation. Increased transparency of the supply chain from procurement to financing.

All interaction with clients and partners goes in electronic form, from contracts to waybills.

Business Leaders Recommend Us

«Thanks to its flexibility, Edisoft Link can satisfy all our needs when exchanging data with partners without making changes to the ERP. The project implements a system of acceptance for electronic documents, a user role model and connection to electronic document flow providers via a single bus».

«Over the past two years, we have completed two phases of implementing EDI and connected our six key customers. The major difficulty in implementing this project was the peculiarity of our company’s IT support. It is an international team located in different time zones. Thanks to the professionalism of Edisoft, all the goals were achieved».

«As a result of cooperation with Edisoft, data exchange with Hilti has become more convenient for counterparties, which is extremely important for business development. Hilti recommends Edisoft as a reliable partner that offers high-quality solutions».

«Within the project, data transfer and conversion of EDI messages to the desired format between Ariston and counterparties were automated. Edisoft Link filters incoming requests from debtors, after which we can approve or reject them. We recommend Edisoft as one of the best integrators with SAP expertise».