About Solution

The Invoice Discounting module helps optimize your company’s accounts payable.

Offer your customers early payment of invoices in exchange for a discount, saving your money and reducing the cash gap of your business partners. The module can work in integration with Edisoft Factoring electronic factoring platform or Edisoft Platform.

Electronic supply documents sent for factoring will not be included in Invoice Discounting and vice versa.


Risk-free opportunity investment in own supply chain

High level of return on your capital

Growth in the level of relationships between partners

Access to cheaper source of funding for suppliers

How It Works

Signing a contract

Debtor and supplier sign an electronic agreement to use the Invoice Discounting module

Notify partners

The debtor informs the selected group of suppliers about the possibility of Invoice Discounting within a certain limit


The supplier determines the supplies that he wants to use in Invoice Discounting, selects the dates of the desired payments, signs the package of documents via e-signature and sends it to the debtor for review


The debtor reviews the delivery package and decides whether to finance this delivery package on Invoice Discounting


If confirmed by the debtor, the system generates a bilateral agreement on Invoice Discounting of selected deliveries for certification with an electronic signature


The debtor finances deliveries under Invoice Discounting with an agreed discount and a selected grace period