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Digital transformation and fintech are growth drivers for banks, insurance and finance companies in the current economic environment. Technology helps improve customer interactions, find new growth opportunities, and reduce operating costs.

We provide tools to reduce the burden on business and nature through digitalization. The Edisoft B2B ecosystem and its modules help increase efficiency by making processes more predictable, transparent and technologically advanced.

Accelerate Customer Experience with You

Our solutions help financial and insurance companies with their digital transformation. From consulting and system integration to the development of corporate services and individual business applications.

Improving customer experience

Tools, services, and solutions to speed up the interaction of your employees, customers and contractors: mobile applications, b2b and b2c portals.

Digitization of outdated business processes.

Making decisions based on accurate data

Synchronization of business data between corporate systems. Elimination of human error and inefficient use of resources.

Collection and processing of big data.

Cost and labor optimization for the back office

Automation of routine operations: data entry, processing, signing, sending, archiving documents.

Robotization and AI instead of bureaucracy.

Increasing the flexibility of IT infrastructure

Accelerate time-to-market for new products and build a digital ecosystem with scalable, secure, and flexible technologies.

Reducing the cost of your IT department.

Unlock the Power of Edisoft Ecosystem

Edisoft ContractManagement

Easily manage the life cycle of contracts in electronic form with contractors, private and corporate clients. Contracts no longer require paper.

Payment Services

Converting internal and external document flow into electronic format and using special modules for payments, approvals, planning, analytics, and billing.

Robotic Process Automation

Processing large volumes of documents according to created rules without human intervention: data entry, signing, verification, format change, archiving. Management of document routes.

Bank Cards & Contracts Delivery

Creation of your own corporate delivery services for couriers, agents, collectors, supervisors. Routing, task distribution, and KPI control.

Supply Chain Finance & Factoring

Entering new markets by expanding the portfolio of factoring services. Reduction of efforts on transaction support and data verification.

Blockchain Projects

Centralized system of updates, analytics, and business-data monitoring. Easy integration of new chain members. Transparency within the company.

Detailed Analytics

Data collection from corporate systems, processing using Machine Learning. Calculations, search for relations and output of results for making managerial decisions.

Non-commercial Procurement

Comparison and selection of suppliers for internal business needs with the most advantageous offer. Procurement approval script constructor. Quick creation of orders and control over the execution of transactions

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