Edisoft Logistics: Expanding Customer Base in Logistics

Access to new markets and large corporate customers. Support of electronic documents and automated work with requests.

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About Edisoft Logistics

Edisoft Logistics is a service for interaction of transport and logistics companies with transportation customers. We help you easily find requests, make bids, transport cargo, using your resources efficiently, and quickly get paid

Use all the possibilities of digitalization of logistics to get the maximum benefit from working with Edisoft Logistics. The service supports working with electronic waybills, and also allows you to automatically process data on requests and invoices.

The service consists of a web account for administration and a mobile app for drivers.

How It Works

Connecting to the service, publishing your terms and prices for transportation

Receiving and processing incoming targeted requests from shippers

Contracting and fulfilling the request. Work with electronic waybills and invoices

Invoicing and, if applicable, sending invoices for financing (factoring)

Data Synchronization with Edisoft Logistics

Filling in directories, informing potential shippers about prices, opportunities and restrictions for fulfilling requests.

Integration with external services and special software for automated data interchange.

Instant notifications of received requests, an option to quickly respond and enter into an agreement.

Efficient Delivery Management

Edisoft Logistics mobile app for drivers that allows them to have electronic documents for transportation at hand, as well as to register the delivery status.

Automatic routing taking into account the situation on the road (traffic jams, accidents, repairs) and planning routes appropriately.

Digitization of instructions to forwarding agents, forwarder’s certificates of receipt, powers of attorney for drivers, bills of lading and waybills.

Access to Advanced Tools

Efficient use of transport due to smart aggregation of information about orders and their weight and size specifcations.

Quick payment thanks to electronic documents. No need to return any paper.

Access to electronic factoring via end-to-end integration of the service with the FactorPlat electronic platform. Clear your accounts receivable by choosing the best offer from the ones provided by more than 50 banks.

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