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We believe that digitalization is changing the world around us for the better.

Our mission

Our mission is to help businesses keep and develop their supply chains, get more efficiency by digitalization, reach new levels and markets using our technologies and e-docs solutions.

Our ecosystem helps to digitize and synchronize work with data at all stages of the supply chain: from procurement and b2b sales to logistics and cash flow management. Edisoft solutions suitable for industrial, mining, agricultural, energy and transport companies, retailers, distributors, HoReCa, financial organizations, telecoms and government agencies.

Edisoft is to help creating unified standards for National eDocs or eWaybill systems in different countries and became trusted service provider for custimers.

The connection of all participants and hundreds of possible cloud services gives completely new opportunities for faster, safer and more efficient bussiness of the future.

How we started

Founded in Estonia in the 1990s, Edisoft got its start developing software that made it possible for companies to securely and easily exchange documents without paper.

From a “garage start-up“, we have gradually become a major IT company operating in international markets, from the EU to Asia and the Middle East, with a large team of incredibly passionate and experienced employees located in different parts of the world. Edisoft brings together more with over 200 employees worldwide, supporting and serving more than 5,000 customers across the globe.


started by Edisoft


years of experience in digitalization

20 000+

total users: have accounts and work with our solutions

600 000+

trees are saved by our customers using electronic data interchange

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