Why You Need It

It is often the case that companies need to develop proprietary software to address complex tasks. This can actually save you money and stay independent, as you won't be purchasing out-of-the-box solutions from third party vendors.

One of the best option to get this done is working with an outsource development team, duly equipped with respective skills and expertise, instead of building an in-house IT department.

How It Works

Edisoft has been around since 1999, its expertise being software, system integration, and EDI. Over these years, the company completed 5,500+ projects, which means our experience is quite extensive.

Edisoft is fully committed to developing software on a project basis, implementing and maintaining internal and external EDI platforms, related software products, and web-based services for companies of any size and with any profile. We provide both regular EDI automation solutions and unique products.

Key Advantages

Find an ideal software solution

Add more features to your existing software and get it customized

Audit your existing IT infrastructure

Complete your system integration projects

Get your software designed and developed

Test your software and fix the bugs

Install and implement IT services

Enjoy 24/7 tech support