About Solution

Edisoft Courier — b2b‑solution for automation of delivery and customer service. The application helps to control couriers and gives them tools for field work.

Assign tasks to employees and record the results, plan routes and monitor the movement, increase the number of deliveries without expanding the staff, receive detailed reports.

Edisoft Courier includes Android App for mobile employee and web administration account.

Manage Mobile Teams

Turnkey solution is suitable for your own delivery services in any business field, and for the organization of crowdsourcing platforms.

Banking Service

Loans, leasing, acquiring,
documents collection


Signing contracts with clients
outside the office


Delivery scheduling of online
store orders


Freight forwarders, couriers and transport management

Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

Field healthcare management
and control transportation of medicines

Courier Services

Notifications of new orders
and management of optimal routes

Powerful Options in One Solution

Tools & Сhecklists

  • Contacts and customer addresses for daily visits
  • Call or send SMS to the client from the card
  • Customizable meeting checklist
  • Photofixing work results
  • Setting the final status for each delivery

GPS Control & Smart Routes

  • Integration with routing services
  • Traffic analysis: accidents, traffic jams, road repairs
  • Analysis of features of points (priority, complexity of work)
  • Routing based on the results of calls to customers
  • Field tracking online
  • Working time analysis
  • Assigning tasks based on employee skills (competency, method of movement, efficiency)

Task Management & Reports

  • Manage delivery tasks
  • Appointment of a specific delivery performer
  • Add, remove, and assign roles
  • Recording customer call results
  • 3rd party software integration
  • Download detailed reports
  • Account management based on territorial or product characteristics

Facts & Benefits

Experience in automating business processes since 1999

+1000 successfully completed integration projects

We customize the solution for your business processes

Experienced developers and quality 24/7 support

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