Technology & Innovation

We use flexible solutions and new management techniques to create better products

About Our Work

We innovate to solve complex challenges in the supply chains and turn bussiness bigdata into meaningful insights for our clients. At Edisoft, we are building the b2b-ecosystem of the future.

We are energized by the opportunity and the role we play in helping more and more clients get benefits from digital transformation.

Edisoft has used electronic data interchange and most flexible development technologies from the very first days of our business. We continue to be at the cutting edge of driving the digitization of all industries through new technology products and solutions.

We combine the power of people with the power of technology. We amplify our ability to create better outcomes for our clients. We remain true to our corporate culture of innovation.

Edisoft Technology Stack

Our experienced team of business and systems analysts, architects, engineers, ux / ui designers, testers and developers uses a wide stack of technologies.


JavaEE, JBoss EAP, Apache Camel, CryptoPro JCP, Activiti, Hazelcast, Spring Boot


Vagrant, VirtualBox, VMWare


JBoss Fuse, ActiveMQ, REST, Apache Kafka

Storage and Indexing

PostgreSQL, Apache Solr, Hibernate, ClickHouse, Redis


Ansible, Upsource, Sonar, Jenkins


Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium, Ruby

User Interfaces

CanvasJS HTML5 & JavaScript Charts, JavaScript, JavaFX, ExtJs, Grafana

Project & Customer Management

Jira, Atlassian Confluence, Bitrix24, Mailchimp

About Edisoft Team

Our specialists are competent, curious and willing to learn through experimentation and the introduction of new technologies. We are brave enough to leave our comfort zone, always open to new ways of thinking and have a desire to help more and more clients find new growth points for their business through digitalization.

Some Key Functions We’re Hiring For

  • Business and System Analysis
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science
  • Digital & B2B Marketing
  • Product Management and UX/UI Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • System Administration
  • Technology Implementation & Support

Continuous Learning & Development

Edisoft helps to employees develop, improve qualifications and acquire new skills, as well as organizes events for students and newcomers, finding new members for their team.

I started out as a technical support specialist, was a tester, analyst, consultant, and became the head of the information projects implementation department. I would advise you never to stop at the achieved goals, to plan your time wisely and not to postpone things until later.

Konstantin, in the Edisoft team since 2012

How We Manage Projects


We make diagnostics of the customer’s business, find weak and strong points


We offer the best solution for automation and digitalization


We adjust to the customer’s schedule, help save budget and time


We test the solution and scale it up