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  • Transport Management Solutions
  • Uberization of Trucking
  • Smart Routing & Delivery Control

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What is E‑Logistics

What could be more logical than managing all the logistics processes in a single workspace in order to achieve full integration with  partners and customers? Our solutions for logistics automation can improve business efficiency and reduce communication time.

  • Reduce costs for interaction with partners
  • Automate your logistics tasks
  • Track delivery process and cargo location
  • Accelerate your processes for e‑docs creation, signing and distribution

Facts & Benefits

New Approach to Delivery

Arrange transportation online

Quickly Receive Feedback

Instant order confirmation

Transport Routing

Automatic traffic analysis

Easy Integration

Connect to any ERP

Services and Solutions

Edisoft Logistics

  • No additional technical infrastructure required
  • Quick delivery requests
  • Monitoring free/busy drivers and transport
  • Online-signing contracts
  • Order processing in your ERP

B2B Delivery Mobile Apps

  • Tasks and orders management
  • GPS control
  • E-Docs support
  • Visitor map and courier routes
  • Integration with any ERP

Smart Routes

  • Integration with cloud services for routing
  • Online distribution and order planning
  • Analysis of traffic conditions and features of delivery points
  • Counting employee performance and competency
  • Automatic priority management

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