About Solution

Edisoft Platform — platform for digital transformation and data exchange in the supply chain.

Edisoft Platform provides synchronized workflow for procurement, logistics, accounting, treasury and commercial services. The platform helps automate business processes, reduce human errors and operational costs.

Edisoft Platform supports working with 70 types of documents: from international standards (EANCOM), to regional and individual client documents.

Platform for Any Business

Edisoft Platform is suitable for companies of all sizes. We support specific processes and types of documents.

Small Business

Large Enterprises

Consumer Market

Finance & Banks



Facts & Benefits

Quickly Onboarding

Edisoft Platform gives you opportunity to start electronic data exchange with any business partner in a short time without installing heavy software.

Matching and Validation

Edisoft Platform can validate data according to user rules, as well as match data from catalogs and documents.

Document Transformation

The platform identifies types of e-docs, automatically transforms them in the required format for the recipient and sender.

Integration with ERP

The platform integrates with any accounting systems (Oracle, SAP, Axapta) with  the help of modules, connectors and Edisoft Link integration system.

User Rights Levels

In Edisoft Platform, you can flexibly differentiate the system’s functionality for users: to individual buttons in the interface and actions with documents.


Edisoft Platform enables you to combine your business processes with e-docs standards: from the use of personal document formats to the organization of the route their coordination.

How to Join Edisoft Platform

1. Send request

2. Get personalized terms

3. Sign docs

4. Get started

Web Portal

Working on the cloud platform. For companies with a small amount of traffic.


Connection with any accounting system and the ability to automate the processing of documents.

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