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  • Edisoft ContractManagement

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What is E‑Procurement

Make B2B-procurement more like buying with your own private marketplaces.

Get end-to-end cloud procurement solution and techoligical tools for corporate sales. Request, approve, and make purchases on the go with Edisoft.

  • Offer suppliers your terms, monitor current prices and availability of goods
  • Sign online-contracts and send e‑docs
  • Simplify and automate purchasing process
  • Reduce process cycle times and human errors

Facts & Benefits

Paperless Technology

Based on e‑docs

Easy Integration

Connect to any ERP

Supplier Adoption

Work in single windows mode


Customization features

Services and Solutions

Edisoft Procurement

  • Procurement and Supplier Management
  • E‑docs and e‑contracts
  • Minimizing human participation in routine operations
  • Integration with your ERP‑system
  • Customization for your business processes

E-Orders Marketplace

  • One place by customers for orders and b2b‑sales
  • Catalog management
  • Transaction processing automation
  • Delivery control
  • Adaptive user interface

Control of Sales Agents and Merchandisers

  • Mobile apps for field staff
  • GPS monitoring
  • Fast forwarding orders
  • Photo reports, analytics and task management
  • Planning routes tools

Edisoft ContractManagement

  • Online contract signing
  • Contract administration
  • Transparency and full control in the process of contracting
  • KYC service
  • Integration with the state register of companies

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