Get Full Control on Cash Flow with E‑Financ­ing

  • E‑Factoring Platform
  • Invoice Discounting for suppliers
  • Multibank Solutions

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What is E‑Financing

Edisoft provides tools for corporate finance management, the use of e‑docs and data processing.

Minimize work when processing documents, automate workflow to make and receive payments. Work in a “single window” mode with payment, banking and financial services: from online factoring to invoice discounting.

  • Use paperless technology to improve financial management
  • Get e-factoring financing or earn on your debts
  • Connect with banking services through a single data-channel
  • Fraud risk protection

Facts & Benefits


Customization features

Manage all your banks

Set up easy connection

Full Safety

3 Secure data centers

Easy Integration

Connect to any ERP

Services and Solutions

E-Factoring on Edisoft Factoring

  • Tripartite electronic factoring transactions
  • Easy onboarding for partners and customers
  • Automatic 100% verification
  • Financing on the day of delivery
  • Fraud risk protection

International Factoring

  • Factoring transactions with foreign companies
  • Easy e‑signing of agreements
  • Legal contracts
  • Support for any ERP
  • Data security

Invoice Discounting

  • Keep your own credit control
  • Reduce debt quickly
  • Get financing from any banks
  • Make agreements online
  • User-friendly interface

Multibank Solutions

  • Open API for connect financial services
  • Signing large e‑docs packages
  • Automatic billing and payment control
  • Work scenarios and limits for affiliates
  • Analytics and reports

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