$ 10 billion

Funding received on Edisoft Factoring

5,6 million

Successful transactions


Banks & factoring companies
Best SCF Solution in retail

About Solution

The Edisoft Factoring platform is one of the largest services in Europe for three-way electronic factoring. We help debtor companies get away from the system of deferred payments with the help of factoring companies and banks.

Manage accounts payable, earn on the verification of supplies and help develop your suppliers.

All transactions on Edisoft Factoring are based on electronic documents.

How It Works

The debtor uploads a confirmed delivery register on Edisoft Factoring. Suppliers send factor funding requests

The platform generates a notice of assignment of monetary claims and sends it to be signed by all parties

Factor transfers money to suppliers

The debtor uploads the payment register and pays for delivery on time

Work with factors, suppliers, e‑docs providers in a single-window mode

Convenient three-way interaction with all parties to transactions online

Transfer of suppliers without EDI or electronic document management to factoring

One cloud platform replaces several individual solutions

Adjust delay settings and payout amount

Establishment of individual conditions with suppliers, control over netting and rebate

Invoice Discounting Tools, opportunity investment of free account balances in your chain supplies

Signing smart contracts with factors to increase due date

Protect your business from fraud risks with documents

Automatic verification of documents submitted by suppliers for factoring

No commercial disputes due to validation electronic signature and verification of documents by the parties using automatic algorithms

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